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Young Living know that producing the highest quality essential oils start long before the cap is put on the bottle. That's why their proprietary Seed to Seal process is the foundation of everything they do. With five careful steps, they make sure only the best products bear the Young Living mark of quality.
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Seed: To make the best, Young Living start with the best seeds and botanicals that have been evaluated for their essential oil producing quality. Young Living experts select plants that will yield the highest value based on scientific research, field studies, university partnerships and on-site planting certification.

Cultivate: Hands-on experience at each stage of the six Young Living global farms ensure that strict quality standards are met whenever plants are grown, including responsible weed and pest control, proper soil preparation and irrigation and sustainable wild-craft harvesting techniques.

Distill: Young Living proprietary low-temperature, low-pressure steam distillation process allows the natural, bioactive plant compounds in every batch of essential oil to remain uncompromised, ensuring optimal oil quality every time.. You can read more about the important of distilling here.

Test: Every essential oil is thoroughly  tested, both in internal and third-party labs, to make sure the purity, potency and overall quality is worthy of the Young Living label... Read more about Young Living Testing here.

Seal: The Seed to Seal process is complete when we carefully inspect and seal each bottle of essential oil and encode every label with information that allows us to trace it back to its source.

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