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Ahmyo Healing Treatment Room


Ahmyo Healing

Ahmyo Healing is dedicated to providing a range of high quality Holistic Therapies to aid healing and transformation.


Throughout history, a healer has been known as someone who facilitates healing in another. Ancient cultures all had a gift to heal suffering by tapping into and empowering one’s own healing capacity.

Present-day energy healers contribute the same value. They are naturally gifted and usually called to this area of study by a profound life event. Many pursue further training through energy healing courses, which enables them to help their friends and family. Thousands find relief from emotional and physical pain.

Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed, but that it no longer controls our lives
My Story

I found myself naturally drawn to study Energy Healing when my father  took ill. He experienced pain in his shoulders and the only medical solution was hydro-cortisone injections. They, in themselves, were painful and came with side effects.

I studied Reiki Healing at Reiki Evolution with a wonderful teacher Margaret Craig and found my calling. My father, now the guinea pig, allowed me to practice on him. Despite being a level 1 novice, the pain in his shoulder disappeared after only a few sessions and has never returned.

I progressed through the Reiki levels to become a Master/Teacher.
I also trained in Five Element Reiki. This system attunes the practitioner to 5 additional Reiki Energies that correlate to the 5 elements of Chinese Healing practices. 

From here I continued learning various healing modalities, always progressing to attain more knowledge to enable me to provide better help to my family and friends.

During the 7 years I have been studying and practising energy healing I have had so many wonderful experiences with people.

There is no way to determine what the outcome of a healing session will be. Some people come for a specific ailment and find changes in a different area of their body or emotional thinking.


During the course of my training in various healing modalities, I also trained in Indian Head massage and Aromatherapy. I am passionate about learning all about the different oils and their beneficial properties. In pursuit of finding the highest quality essential oils available, I discovered Young Living essential oils. I now incorporate Young Living essential oils into my Holistic Treatments.

Most recently I've been practising Raindrop Therapy. The positive feedback from these treatments have had is truly amazing!!
I plan to extend this therapy to incorporate equine therapy.

It is a blessing to see people improve in ways they weren't expecting and enriching to be able to play a part in this.

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